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slider built in the header


  • nadja started the conversation

    Hi, Alex,

    the slider is built in in the header by "page options". In Firefox, the header is still seen for a while after loading as a background, in Google Chrome - not, here the slider appears immediately after the site has loaded. What is the problem here?

    Thank you



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    Alex replied


    There is no problem, Firefox just waits a little longer to trigger the "page ready" event which the theme listens to in order to know when to start executing JavaScript.


  • nadja replied

    but its not on every webpage the case in internet, where the slider is used and shown on firefox ..So is the firefox really the reason? ... Testing my page I receive the information that the rendering of the start-page is hindered by JS  which is executed already in the header.  Google seems to dislike it as well. Could that be the problem? 

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    Alex replied

    I don't understand what the issue is, I am getting consistent behavior in both Chrome and Firefox. Yes, JS in the page head will block page rendering, which is why the theme outputs all its JS in the footer. The JS in the head is by various plugins (LayerSlider, Visual Composer, even core WordPress). Google will recommend eliminating head JS, not because it affects SEO, but because people are impatient and if your site takes very long to wait they will leave.

  • nadja replied

    ok, thank you